2015 so far

2015-01-18 14.17.38
Can’t believe we’re over a month into 2015, but so far, I’m cautiously a fan. We’ve had far more days like this than icky sticky days (though we did have one that was a doozie).

2015-01-18 13.25.46-1

So we’ve spent a lot of time outside just loving life.

2015-01-18 16.34.12

And it’s been a bit slower, so we’ve been enjoying hanging out and doing little projects like this friendship bracelet. And all of our home projects.

2015-01-26 17.38.36We’ve been cooking more than ever, having greatly trimmed our eating out budget (more on this later).

2015-02-02 18.12.46

Easy things like easy Korean Beef with Broccoli (and tons of Sriracha) and Chicken Tagine and Hamburger/Chili Mac with Crack Broccoli.

It’s been nice. It’s been fun. I love our family. I know how lucky I am.