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When we were in our last couple of years of college, Matt and I lived in a house off-campus. It was there that we first started honing our cooking skills. With our college friends in tow, we would gather, watch Junkyard Wars (remember that show?) and make up everyone’s family favorites. In the eight (?!?!) years since college, we have grown as cooks (chef sounds a bit too fancy for what we do) by leaps and bounds. Where we once took the “easy route” and bought things like garlic in a jar and processed foods, we now know the joys of making our own pasta and bread and using fresh ingredients as they are available.

These days, our food must be fast and easy to feed our young family, but fresh and nourishing and light for everyone’s health. We strive to have a home-cooked meal on the table just about every night of the week and to eat as few processed foods as possible. Weeknights are quick pastas, egg dishes, burritos and the like. On the weekends we do our “big cooking” and prepare the more complex meals and stock our freezer. We are by no-means perfect and in times of great duress (kids screaming hungry and an hour of errands left) we take that easy drive-thru. But we believe in the powers of a home-cooked meal for health, happiness and tradition.

This section of the blog is made up of recipes, but also points the way to our favorite cookbooks, a list of recipes by category, some helpful tips and tricks in the kitchen, and some menus; both to give you a hand in meal-prep and to remember ourselves what we like to go together. The latest feature I’ve added is a “family favorites” section. These are the recipes that we prepare time and time again and consider to be at the center of our family’s cooking lexicon.

We hope you find the cookbook useful and interesting and come back frequently.