• Making
  • Disney Shirts

    We’re headed back to WDW pretty soon, this time with Matt’s whole side of the family. I am not a big fan of the matchy-matchy family shirts, but I do like to do a little something special for a Mickey trip. So I came up with the idea of making a “custom” Mickey head for […]

  • Making
  • A Maker Kind of Weekend

    It was a good weekend. Mostly they are. The highlight of the weekend was Denver’s Mini Maker Faire. It’s quite a bit different (smaller) than the main Maker Faire in Bay Area, but it was fun! And cheap ($20 for us all!). And we got to do some cool stuff. Like make little cars (above). […]

  • Benjamin
  • Raingutter Regatta

    Being as that I am a girl with no brothers, I have little experience with the boy side of scouting. Which is actually part of what makes Ben’s Boy Scout events so much fun. It’s lots of new stuff. For the uninitiated, like myself, the Raingutter Regatta is the maritime equivalent of the Pinewood Derby. […]

  • Crafts
  • A Weekend in the Shop

    This guy had a birthday last week. It was a pretty fun affair if fairly low key. He got new sheets and a new backpacking chair (which hasn’t actually arrived yet) and he got to hang out with these weirdos and drink homemade lemon cream soda (delish). But my other gift to him was taking […]

  • Benjamin
  • 2015 in Review

    2015 was in many ways an excellent year for me and mine. The second full year following Mom’s death had it’s own pitfalls and moments of sorrow, but it went on and was definitely more happy than sad. Family We soaked up lots of family time, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, cooking, walking, reading, playing and […]

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  • Pallet Flag

    I know I’ve been a bad blogger. Like terrible. But man, it’s been NUTS. Work got nuts. Then I got sick (strep-AGAIN) making work even more nuts. And of course it’s not like all the regular stuff stops when I’m sick or busy at work, so on and on it goes. We’ve been kicking butt […]

  • Woodworking
  • Pre-Moving Weekend

    Not sure if one could really call this a weekend. Other than the fact that I didn’t have to work at the office. We worked like crazy around the house, getting everything ready to … MOVE! Though two pieces of our mudroom cabinets finished up last weekend, Matt and I still had to finish all […]

  • Cooking/Food
  • Friday Faves May 24, 2013

      Another busy busy week! Looking forward to the long weekend. We need it! Favorite Daydream: Check out this beautiful lagoon in Riomaggiore, Italy. The Mediterranean coast is gorgeous! I could go there! Favorite Savory Treat: cool ranch, crockpot chicken. I am game to try this! Favorite Funny: my HP nerd may be showing here, […]

  • Cooking/Food
  • Friday Faves May 17, 2013

    Another busy Friday! Tabby has Field Day today, so I am spending half my day at her school, playing tag and giving out popcicles and the like. Should be fun! On to another round of Friday Faves. Favorite Daydream: check out this awesome attic movie theatre. I think what really appeals to me is the […]

  • Cooking/Food
  • Friday Favorites May 10, 2013

    I am taking a half day today in order to play assistant to my awesome hubby’s mad scientist. Should be a good time! Fridays are fun.Favorite Daydream: Loooove me some treehouses. This is a very cool collection with a few I’ve never seen before. Favorite Craftiness: Look at this great light up constellation! A fun […]