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  • Family Meeting #3

    2016-05-23 20.09.39

    Monday marked Family Meeting #3. This one was a little different as we had a family photo shoot right in the middle of prime family meeting time. We tried so hard to protect this, but the photo shoot had to be moved because of weather and the weather made us do it. Argh. So photo […]

  • Benjamin
  • Scouts and Hiking and Denver!

    2016-05-22 10.57.09-1

    We had a wonderfully full weekend (again). We got things started off right by hosting a couple of our closest family friends (friend families?) for dinner and the planning of our EPIC road trip, scheduled for August. Matt cooked jerk chicken. We drank mint juleps and wine. The guys played around in the shop, the kids […]

  • Benjamin
  • Family Meeting


    A few weeks ago, I told Matt that I wanted to start having regular family meetings. I said I wanted to have an agenda and a family credo and snacks. This is exactly the variety of corny/cheesy stuff that Matt instinctively rolls his eyes at and internally GROANS. We’ve both been through way too many […]

  • Asian
  • Peanut Sesame Sweet Potato Noodles

    2016-05-15 18.40.50

    I’ve had a spiralizer for maybe a year now. I was pretty excited by it when I first got it but I rapidly figured out that while I love zoodles (zucchini noodles), the rest of my household does not. I should have been pulling it out regularly to make myself zoodles for lunch, but I think […]

  • Crafts
  • A Weekend in the Shop

    2016-05-14 18.31.11

    This guy had a birthday last week. It was a pretty fun affair if fairly low key. He got new sheets and a new backpacking chair (which hasn’t actually arrived yet) and he got to hang out with these weirdos and drink homemade lemon cream soda (delish). But my other gift to him was taking […]

  • Brekkie
  • Overnight Oats

    2016-05-15 18.24.55

    If you look at anything food related, particularly clean/healthy food related on the internets, you can’t help but have seen a post (or 100) about overnight oats. And it’s obvious why – they’re great. They allow you to make really quality food very quickly, so long as you do it early, and they are really […]

  • Benjamin
  • Ben Turns 7!


    A few months ago, we decided to be really good bad parents and take the kids out of school for a full week for a vacation. And not to anywhere very cultural … Disney World! Happily, the best dates coincided with the weekend of Ben’s 7th Birthday. What better place to spend your birthday than […]

  • Life
  • Thoughts on Blogging

    My life has changed a lot over the past few years. A few things have happened that mean for all intents and purposes, my life in 2016 doesn’t really closely resemble my life from 2012. I changed jobs. My  new job is much more demanding and demands much more of my creative energy than my […]

  • Life
  • Tabby Turns 9!

    2016-03-06 19.08.00

    Miss Tabby had a crazy good birthday. I’ll skip the drama about how I can’t believe she’s 9 (I can’t!) and tell you all about her big days. Friday was the official birthday. She got to open a couple of presents before school – the ones her grandparents in Nashville sent and then it was […]

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  • We Are the Champions

    2016-01-16 11.58.51-1

    I’ve loved Broncos football since I was a little kid and my grandparents would take my sister and me to Mile High Stadium to cheer on our Broncos. It was a cool experience for a little kid and though the games were frequently pre-season games, it didn’t matter, it was great to be with my grandparents […]