A Lotta Nuthin!

We've been blissfully passing our time playing loads of video games, watching loads of TV (thank you Spike TV for the James Bond Marathon) and doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. It's amazing how stress free Christmas shopping can be when you do it little by little.

It's been damn cold here. It tried to snow on Friday but it didn't stick. I'm not real sad about that. I love how snow looks on the first day but it stays around way too long here and gets icky and grey. It's not real fun to walk or drive in. So no snow, but very cold. We went to eat at a middle eastern restaurant on State Street today and nearly froze or butts off getting there. Brrrrr!

We went to see Love Actually on Wednesday night. I knew it would be funny, but I was not prepared!!! I laughed so hard a few times I couldn't breathe. I hardly think anyone could dislike this movie (well I know a few people, but they're the type w/o a sense of humor). Anyhow, I want to see it again because it had tons of good one-liners. I remembered a few, but not nearly enough. We also went to see Thirteen. That was last night, I think. It was the type of movie that you're not sorry you saw, but you just don't want to see it again. Very scary … not in a horror type of way … but just in a something you'd rather not think about sort of way.

We rented Hit and Run and Price of Persia as well. Hit and Run was sort of boring. You kind of repeat the same thing over and over and over and it gets tedious. But it is a fun game, esp. if you're a Simpsons fan. POP:Sands of Time is great. We've had tons of fun playing that. I'd highly recommend it.

OK, that's my weekend rundown. Bye!

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    I did it. You are the proud recipient of my first mini pc message! Yes, I know I rock!

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