Saturday Mornings

Matt works very hard all week, so he likes to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Since I get regular sleep, I'm always ready to go, so I do. I like to get up and eat a bit of brekkie and then have a nice workout and then a go on the computer. Early morning web surfing is the best. I seem to find all the most amusing things at that time.

This morning, I've been signing up for catalogs. I get an astonishing number of them already, but there's always room for more (forgive me, trees).

This morning, I signed up for a Sephora catalog. Of course, if you know me, that might be a bit of a head-scratcher as I wear no makeup on a daily basis and try to keep my morning routine to a paltry 15 minutes or so. But I do enjoy some of their bath sort of stuff, plus there's always gifties to be bought for my lov-ed ones.

We've got to go get haircuts today. I'm having a couple inches trimmed off the mullet (it's been growing, unchecked since April) and Matt is dying to get rid of his Einstein hair. I think his Einstein hair is very cute, but he deplores having to do anything besides washing it, so he wants a quick cut too. And, lucky for me, Oprah and Supercuts gave everyone a 50% off coupon. So guess where I'm going.