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I have nothing in particular to write about today…

Rumor has it that the end table for the nursery was finished last night. But since Matt rolled into bed around 2:30 AM with this announcement, I have not seen it and I don't have any photos. In any case, it still needs to be varnished. But I'm very excited to see it when I get home from work.

Outside, Mother Nature is doing her darnedest to get another snow storm going. Not much is coming down or sticking at the moment, but snow is predicted in the forecast through Friday, so I guess we'll probably see some stick anyhow. We're entering our 7th straight week of snow and I can't think of anyone around here who isn't a bit sick of it. Usually outsiders think of snow as the norm for CO in the winter, but it's really not the case. Usually we get a snow storm and then it melts … we'll get 60 degree days in the middle of winter and see lots of sun anyhow. We're really not used to all this snow on top of snow. And I'm afraid we're a bit whiny about it.

I got a notice in the mail yesterday stating that they had no record of me voting in the general election in November (and to keep my voter registration, I had to send in their card within 30 days). So now I've got to call the election office and figure out what the heck that's about. Matt and I voted at the same time and he got no such notice. And I sure remember voting, not to mention waiting an hour in line to vote. I even got that little sticker. I wonder what's up.

Aren't you glad you decided to stop by?

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  1. Ani says:

    Good luck with the voting office.

  2. Mary says:

    Oh I completely agree about the snow.. It is getting to be a bit much! There is still ice everywhere as it is

    I'm so over it… Can't wait for pics of the end table.

  3. yvett says:

    (sarcastically) Good luck finding your ballot.

    Hey, Jess, you are able to get out and drive to the hospital with all that snow, right? Now I'm getting nervous vicariously. Is your bag packed yet?

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