Trite Title, but TGIF

I won't lie … it was a long week for me kids. We've been so busy with life that I've hardly spent any time at home that wasn't dedicated to sleep. But it was a good week. We went to our second childbirth class on Tuesday. We got more in-depth into the whole process and some relaxation techniques. I think we both found it pretty interesting. In case you're interested, I plan to go into the whole thing with an open mind … if it gets too darned painful, I'm all about the meds, but if I can do it without … so much the better. I don't really feel like I can make a choice until I've experienced it. Wednesday, we went on a tour of the hospital. It's a pretty new facility (less than 2 yrs old, prolly) and they have a lot of nice stuff available for L&D and recovery. We also went over myriad policies and filled out loads of forms. So I guess we're almost ready to go!

Today I'm taking most of the day off from work (save about 1 hour when I need to be there to set up a meeting). I have lots of little things that I need to get done that just won't happen unless I make 'em happen. I am going to *finally* get my hair cut. It's reached that long stage which on me means stringy and unmanageable. I also want to take my car in for a nice car-wash. We've got a place here that does hand-washing and vacuuming for like $12 and considering what you pay at a gas station it's downright reasonable (but considering it's supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow, I don't know if I will go through with it). Then I've got to get home and get it put together and get some laundry done. All our Christmas stuff is still up and it just needs … attention. Some laundry must be done as well.
In baby news, I'm just feeling a bit big and achey. I've been having some of the practice contractions which sometimes hurt and sometimes don't. Either way, they've been making good sleep kinda challenging. That plus my hormones have made me kinda grumpy and emotional. I burst into tears over something really stupid this morning and I'm the type that hardly ever cries. The silly thing was, throughout the crying I was thinking to myself “You're just crying because you're hormonal.” And I still couldn't stop!

Matty is so close to being done with his end-table and it is looking amazing. He did the table-top last night which is square, but has rounded corners and they all look absolutely symetrical and smooth. I'm so impressed. I can't wait to see the final piece. I don't know if he'll finish all the pieces before she arrives but I don't really care because they are so nice.

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  1. Ani says:

    I hear ya. Been waking up early for appts and I really appreciate sleep now. Have a good weekend. Hope you get some rest and fun.

  2. Connie says:

    Gettin' close.

    That's the wise way to go into labor. Take it as it comes. You don't need to have things written in stone beforhand.

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