Thurday Meme Cop-Out

1. What color are your bedroom walls? A sort of tan color that was here when we bought the place. It's not stark white and I don't hate it. But I don't love it either. I just haven't had the desire to paint the vaulted ceilings.

2. What book are you reading now? High School Confidential3. What's on your mouse pad? At work? Light and dark blue checks. At home? Homer Simpson

4. Favorite board game? Cranium

5. If you have a boy what would you name him? Umm… I don't know. It's been stressful enough coming up with a name for a girl.

6. Favorite smell? Dunno … I like fabric softener lots tho

7. Favorite color? Couldn't really pick. Like lots, all bright.
8. Least favorite color? Depends what it's on. I don't really like brown in most applications though (except CHOCOLATE)

9. Favorite magazine? I don't know. They keep cancelling the ones I really like. What does that say about me??

10. Most important material thing in my life? Blanky

11. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Cookies and cream.

12. Do you break the speed limit daily? only if I'm driving

13. Do you have a stuffed animal in your room somewhere? Yea, I've got a Vandy Squirrel and prolly one or two more in my office (that adjoins the bedroom)

14. storms: cool or scary? Generally cool, but man am I sick of snow right now.

15. Favorite drink? Hard to decide, but probably Margarita

16. When is your birthday? Aug 4

17. Favorite vegetable? Actual veggie? Zucchini I guess.

18. If you could have any job, what would it be? I might want to do something a bit more creative than what I do now. But I really do enjoy programming and wouldn't want to give that up. So … umm… I don't know.

19. If you could have any hair color, what would it be? err… I'm pretty happy with what I've got

20. Have you ever been in love? yes.

21. Top 3 movies (in order)? Oy. How do you pick these things? Office Space, Princess Bride, and … ? I don't know.

22. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Mostly.

23. What's under your bed? Ironing board, cords for various electronics, dust.

24. What is your favorite number? 4, but by extension 2

25. Favorite sport to watch on TV or in person? Football I guess … but I don't really like that all that well.

26. What is your single biggest fear? I don't wanna talk about it.

27. Favorite CD of all time and right now? What is this CD you speak of?

28. Favorite TV show of all time and right now? It changes very regularly. Right now I love The Office quite a bit.

29. Hamburgers or hotdogs? hamburgers

30. The coolest places you've ever been? France is probably tops!

31. What wallpaper/screensaver is on your computer right now? Something Valentine themed

32. Does McDonalds skimp on their fries and do you care? I don't even know what this question means and honestly, I avoid McDonalds like the plague. Unless I want an ice cream cone, then sign me up.

33. Favorite chain restaurant? Red Robin?

34. How many rings before your answering machine picks up? This is a sore subject if I ever heard one. It picks up on like 4 if there are no messages, but if you have messages that haven't been played, it picks up on like 2 cuz it thinks you're not home and then you have to talk to whoever's calling over the machine and I am too contrary to get a new one cuz I paid good $$ for this one!!

35. If you could learn to play an instrument overnight, what would it be? Umm… the Lute. Cuz I like the name.

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  1. Chas says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I love The Office so much. It's probably the only show I truly get excited about right now, and there are a lot of shows I like. Every character cracks me up every week.

  2. yvett says:

    “What is this CD you speak of” LOL! The Office is great! I'm really loving Thursdays now because I also love 30 Rock.

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