Essentialism – Dating in Marriage

Mawwaige. Specifically dating as a married couple. It ain’t easy. What we say yes and no to.

What we say NO to:

  • Routine date nights (every Friday, every anniversary, etc.). It sounds great in theory, but it absolutely does NOT work with our schedule.
  • Going crazy (spending wise) on dates. We try a new and sometimes expensive restaurant every now and again, or get tickets to a show we’re crazy about, but not on a routine basis.
  • Getting all nuts about couples holidays. Dates are better pretty much every day of the year than Feb 14. Period. We also don’t do gifts much. It’s neither of our love languages and we would rather spend the money on something to make our lives better (a trip, a new dishwasher) than flowers or what have you.

What we say YES to:

  • Day dates. One of the best/easiest dates for us is to have the kids at school (no sitter needed) and take the day off from work to go out. Nothing is crowded and we can really enjoy ourselves.
  • Group dates. We’ve had some really fun dates with couple friends and while we enjoy it being just the two of us, it’s a different kind of fun with other people. Plus, splitting a babysitter is great!
  • Home dates … us and some wine on the back porch while the kids sleep. Not too shabby. Other variations too.