Essentialism – Healthy Eating

kids cooking

Continuing the essentialism discussion, I want to talk about what we do with FOOD, presumably healthy since that’s our goal along with most everyone else. So how do we strike the balance between doing what is best, what is easy and not driving ourselves crazy in the process.

What we say NO to

  • We say no to worrying overmuch about organic. I try to think about the “dirty dozen” when I produce shop, but honestly, I can’t keep up with it and I certainly can’t always afford it. So I do the best I can, but I can’ t let it drive me crazy.
  • Freaking out because a kid isn’t eating his dinner/breakfast. It’s going to be ok. There is a next meal. They won’t starve.
  • Hauling around snacks. This is an easy one for me. I get really tired of our over-snacked culture where we have elaborate sign ups to provide snacks at events scheduled for times less than an hour after dinner. I don’t haul around snacks for my kids except when we’re hiking. And they’re AOK.
  • Making dining out default. This one is a work in progress, but we’re getting pretty good at being able to say that just because we’re out running errands doesn’t mean that we “need” to eat out. We can make it home and eat some leftovers or a simple quick meal. Honestly, it’s usually just as quick.
  • Going too extreme. No carb. No fat. No sugar. NO.

What we say YES to

  • Family dinners together. These are a priority and something we feel good about doing regularly and ENJOY!
  • Teaching the kids to cook. Tabby is already a better cook than many adults I know. Ben needs … work, but we’re going to get there.
  • Having the kids make their own lunches. It’s good for them to have ownership and it saves us time.
  • Grocery delivery. The best thing ever.
  • The food experience. Sorry, but if I’m in the famous pizzeria in NYC, I’m having the slice. The famous ice cream stand in LoDo? I’m having the cone. Is it good for me? Not necessarily, but I enjoy food as an experience, even when it isn’t the healthiest.
  • Recently I’ve also been saying yes to intermittent fasting. It’s been a great way for me to bring a little more balance in what I eat and giving up breakfast and lunch a few days a week has been relatively easy.