Here Comes the Sun


It’s a little hard to believe it’s been over a year since I posted. I’ve thought about doing so a few times, but not as many as I thought I would. I miss it, more because I can’t go back and see what was going on than because I miss doing it. If that makes sense.

I am resolving to add some more recipes and updates on the kids and us when I feel like it.

Mentally, I’m feeling better than I did a year ago. Not that it’s always been easy. I miss the special people (and canines) that are no longer with us. Friendships are sometimes less than satisfactory as people move on and lives diverge. It’s not hurtful. But it hurts.

So what’s been going on?

Family Life

  • We’ve continued our family meetings with reasonable success and minimal grumbling.
  • We continue to cook good food and eat well. The kids are both learning to cook.
  • We strive to read together, but it is often a casualty of crazy schedules.
  • We continue to travel frequently, including camping, and have had some absolutely amazing trips this year.
  • The kids started at a brand new school this year and it’s been an interesting and exciting change of pace.
  • The kids were away from us for over two weeks this summer. They went to Flordia with their Nashville grandparents and to camp for a week. We missed them like crazy.
  • The kids are constantly begging for a dog and for now, we’re holding firm on the no. We just travel too much!


  • Ben is doing well at school. He seems to really excel at math, but is reading is really strong too. Penmanship is a challenge.
  • He LOVES gym and placed 2nd in his class for the pacer test where you run like a maniac.
  • He continues piano and has recently learned the Imperial Death March from Star Wars.
  • He is a hilariously funny kid and he cracks me up on the regular with his wittiness and interesting turns of phrase.
  • He has continued with karate and scouts and started swim lessons again a couple of months ago which he’s doing really well at.


  • Tabby has changed a ton over the past year and is all little lady these days.
  • She is currently wearing the same size shoe as me. We both view this as very handy and I hope it lasts.
  • She is super super into music right now, playing really cool pieces on piano (Hall of the Mountain King, Morning, Linus and Lucy) and has just started violin for her school’s orchestra.
  • She adores being a Girl Scout and doing badge work and having experiences with her friends.
  • She is not too much into physical activity but enjoys her swim lessons and skiing.

Matt and Me

  • Matt and I celebrated 15 years of marriage this summer. We are doing great and love being together and working as a team.
  • We¬†celebrated with a group trip to Mexico and also took a weekend away while the kids were in Florida to do a little trip to Telluride.
  • We are both leaders in the kids’ scout troops. I have continued into the juniors’ second year and Matt is an assistant den leader with Ben’s pack. It’s challenging but rewarding.
  • Matt continues on in his job and is doing well at it. I have recently been promoted and get to take a more active role in company leadership which is something I’ve wanted for a while.
  • I have been working out for a few months now at Orange Theory Fitness which I really enjoy.
  • Matt and I also took up tennis this year. We had both played in jr. high and high school and we have a number of friends who play, so it’s been a very nice activity.
  • Matt has been working hard in his wood shop. We built a console table that goes behind our couch and he is currently working on a large-scale closet system for the master closet. It’s an unbelievable amount of work.

Overall, a very good year. Lots of personal growth, positive changes and some bumps in the road. No complaints.