Weekend Riding

2016-06-26 10.01_HDR

We did lots of fun things this weekend: went to REI, had a block party, played Bunco (me) and Catan (Matt), went to a pizza party at a friend’s house, had friends over for dinner, etc. etc. but probably the most memorable thing we did was a bike ride.

Because this wasn’t just any bike ride. It was a nearly 3 HOUR bike ride.

Normally when we take the kids to a new spot, we scout it out first. But we had … kinda. See it’s a trail we used to ride before we had kids and they recently added some pieces to it making what we thought was a full loop. Turns out we were wrong. It basically improved it and made about a 3/4 loop. Which because it isn’t a total loop we rode twice … for a 1.5 mile loop. Or 50% more. The worst part is that in addition to the 50% more, we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at a dead end … at the END of a giant hill. And then we had to go down and back up another giant hill. It was exhausting and no one was having any fun by the end.

Hate that. BOO.

2016-06-26 09.52.52

Ben was the “total trooper” winner award this go around. Little if any whining from him.

2016-06-26 10.01.18

That kid is becoming an amazing mountain biker. Anytime he encounters anything where he needs more power, he’s straight out of the saddle and powering up the hill. He didn’t have to stop much at all. So cool.

2016-06-26 09.10.49Tabby tried hard and did pretty well, but she just doesn’t have the same stamina Ben has built up. Hopefully we didn’t permanently ruin biking for her and she can get some muscle built up.

2016-06-26 11.40.22We did have a couple of fun bright spots! Tabby was very excited to see the tipis above and even more excited to hear you can rent them out for a night (we will do this sometime this summer). We also got to see the goats!! Goats of all colors, munching weeds and making very funny noises. Glad to have a little bit of comic relief in a pretty brutal ride.