We’re on Lake Time


We got out of town Thursday night and headed Jackson Lake. It’s a nice state park about 90 minutes from our house. It’s also in the opposite way from most of the traffic, so it really is 90 minutes.

DSC_5825Though much of it lacks shade, we got a great loop to setup on and had decent shade. The first night, we setup, got the kids to bed and did some camp fire hanging.


Friday was the beach day. I got to paddle board …

DSC_5991and the kids got to swim.

DSC_5837I’d say they had a pretty good time (this might be my new favorite pic of Ben – look at those freckles!!) …

DSC_6103… even this big girl who’s getting way too sassy.;)

DSC_5821… and especially this old man dog, who got naps and shade and pets and walks and illicit foodstuffs and a dip in the lake.