2015-05-25 10.06.55The Denver weather has been crazy the past month. We have had rain almost non-stop which is pretty unusual for our arid climate. We have all been making jokes about buying Nirvana albums and flannel. It’s great for the ground and the flowers, but has been pretty devastating for things like field day and keeping construction projects on schedule. Yikes!

So we were pretty happy to see a bit of sunshine in the forecast for Memorial Day Weekend. Matt and I have been running ourselves ragged and we had only minimal plans for the weekend, so we were really looking forward to it.

Friday we had Ben’s Kindergarten Celebration, so I worked from home all morning and then took off in the middle of the day for that. Since both of our offices closed early for the holiday, we could ease into our Friday night. We’ve been watching some of the classic movies of our childhood with the kids and so we watched the third installment of Indiana Jones. It was a big hit!

2015-05-23 14.58.48Saturday we did the karate thing and then we went to Denver ComicCon. It was a fun event and I’m glad we went, but it was mainly people-watching for us.

2015-05-23 15.14.27 2015-05-23 12.29.10

The kids got some fun souvenirs and really enjoyed it. But for $100 in tickets for the whole family, I don’t think we’ll be going every year. We were able to meet up with friends at ComicCon and then do dinner in the city, so that was a very nice bonus.

2015-05-24 11.58.04

Sunday was our get stuff done day. We worked on the pop-up, did some chores around the house, grocery shopping, etc.

2015-05-24 19.19.20Then we were invited to Dad’s house to celebrate this guy’s b’day, way late. Mother’s Day and a trip had gotten in the way of prompt celebration, but it’s always nice to drag it out anyhow, especially when my dad buys tons of crab and makes his delectable chocolate mayonnaise cake. Not a bad thing at all.

2015-05-25 11.02.55Monday we got up and went right to North Table Mountain to go hiking! It’s right in our backyard, but it’s always a great place to do some hiking or mountain biking or trail running. And it’s especially beautiful when it’s been raining like crazy as it has been lately because then instead of the more arid landscape, you get actual streams and even ….

2015-05-25 10.40.54A waterfall!!! My sister discovered this beauty on Saturday when she was hiking there and we had to see it for ourselves. This is pretty darn rare and we feel very lucky to have seen it because it probably won’t last long. In the way of waterfalls, it’s not super impressive, but it is really fun to find it in such an unexpected place. There are no snow-caps that feed this part of the terrain, so you can only get this with crazy huge rainfall.

2015-05-25 10.41.32Kelly was kind enough to go with us and we all had a great time.

2015-05-25 09.43.01Super super beautiful right now. It’s hardly ever this green and I love this part of the year.┬áThe kids were huge troopers, hiking over 7.5 miles!!! I’m so proud of them.

Afterward, we had to hightail it home for showers and refueling. I even stopped and bought them chocolate milk as a little reward for their hiking prowess.


Kelly and Tabby and I spent the afternoon shopping for some new clothes for Tabby who suddenly fits into NOTHING. She got really into it and picked out some very cute things. I had to steer her away from dresses and explained that she needs good playclothes for the summer and she got it and found some stuff she really likes.

We had dinner, worked some more on the pop-up and our long weekend was over like that!