Mid December Things

2014-12-06 15.30.25

Obviously, I am a terrible blogger these days. but I really make no apologies for that because we’re just too darn busy enjoying … or at least getting through … life most days for me to think about blogging. But our little world is humming along and I don’t want to miss writing down the good stuff and even a bit of the not so good stuff.

2014-12-02 19.18.08

Well the kids are doing well. We got Ben’s sinus infection cleared up and it’s like he’s a new kid at school. He’s been bringing home mostly 3s (the max) on his daily reports and I’ve seen such an improvement in his reading and coloring and writing. So so proud of him.

And as shown in the first photo, he has successfully earned his next karate belt. This is so huge for him. He has had the skills since summer (since before Tabby even started back at karate) but couldn’t focus well enough in group class to move up. But his sensei has seen real improvement in him and he was allowed to test the first weekend in December and he got it!

2014-12-15 19.10.33Tabby is doing amazing as well. I cannot believe the stuff she is able to read, ALL ON HER OWN. And all she wanted for Christmas was BOOKS. So she’s probably getting quite a few of those. This is actually a photo from last night. I was working on a little Christmas project and she wanted to come in and sew. She was sewing tediously by hand (which I am TERRIBLE at) and so I showed her how to use the machine. She picked it up in no time flat. She’s also hitting piano and karate hard and having a really good year.

She gets frustrated sometimes that she’s “good all the time” (she’s not) and doesn’t get the same rewards for her continuously good behavior that Ben gets when he masters himself and does well. So we have been explaining to her that she does get rewards in the form of special privileges (staying up 15 minutes late to read, getting to use my sewing machine, etc.) and that we want to reward them for their hard work. Behaving and being on task is hard work for Ben and practicing piano is hard work for her, so she is rewarded for that. But man, she wants her money’s worth! which I really appreciate, actually.

2014-12-06 23.47.51-1Matt and I have been lucky enough to have a couple of date nights. One (above)  was at my company party and the other was back down town to look for a new engagement ring for me since I lost mine this summer while we were camping and we finally claimed the insurance on it. Oy. We never really got to actually look at rings thanks to some timing issues, but we got to hang out and have fun and that is just as nice.

2014-12-08 13.23.06We’ve been crazy busy at work, with everyone wanting last minute THINGS before the new year. Lots of budgets and reports and proposals. It’s a bit draining, but I like being busy and feeling like I’ve really earned my paycheck.

Plus, for the first time in A WHILE, I’m feeling pretty good (knock on wood). No sore throat, sniffles, headache, earache or anything else. I’ve been hyper careful about my sleep and after chatting with my doc last week, I’m finally getting out today to pick up some probiotics for myself and the whole household to work on getting some “good” bacteria back in our tummies. And fingers crossed … we can stay this way for a while. I want to really enjoy my time off after Christmas!!!

Matt’s dad and stepmom got in last night and now we get to have a great pre-Christmas weekend with them, enjoying some wonderful Christmas festivities and their excellent company. The kids are crazy excited.