On My 34th Birthday

On my 34th Birthday, I …

  1. had a lazy morning, snuggling with my husband.
  2. had fresh peaches and cottage cheese and an apple vanilla muffin for breakfast.
  3. took the kids and the dog on a walk to the mailbox.
  4. found a dead salamander and a garter snake (the kids were very impressed) during our walk.
  5. played hooky from work and spent most of the day at WATER WORLD with the kids and my sister.
  6. had birthday cake dippin dots.
  7. had the quickest of showers.
  8. took Tabby to music class.
  9. got chocolates from my fellow music mom and good friend.
  10. picked up my darling boy from karate.
  11. went home and made dinner and ate with my family.
  12. practiced the piano with Tabby.
  13. drank tons of water because I was so parched from a whole day in the sun.
  14. got tons of lovely messages, phone calls, emails, etc. from the wonderful people in my life.
  15. cleaned up my new kitchen.
  16. helped Matt unload his car of more random stuff from our rental house (and put most of it away).
  17. handed over some of our (many!) moving boxes to our friends who are renovating their kitchen.
  18. watched an adorable video of my niece wishing me a happy birthday.
  19. worked on clearing out the boxes in our bedroom.
  20. missed my mom.

Thanks to all of you who made my day so very special.