We’re In!

2014-07-23 06.25.40Well after much moving and shaking yesterday, we are in the new house!

2014-07-23 06.23.30There’s a lot of this going on … basically blank rooms with just a couple of random pieces of temporary furniture in them. This is the master bedroom. We borrowed our friends’ Aerobed and the ladder and chair are hanging around because we hung some window coverings last night.

2014-07-23 06.24.58We had a few people over last night. We ate pizza, mostly standing around the counter. We moved a junction box, we hung some more window coverings. Two fun things about this photo: 1) the green thing in the foreground is one of three pendant lights I picked up on the cheap from PB Kids. They’ll give some fun color pop to the room. 2) Tabby’s keyboard was brought over in the first load so she can keep practicing.

2014-07-23 06.23.54Loki has already gone walkabout and helped us meet some new neighbors. Contrary to how he looks in this photo, he seems pretty happy with his new digs. He is getting a nice brand new bed today.

We are kicking butt moving the next couple of days. Hopefully I’ll have some more fun photos to share soon.