A Long Strange Trip (but we stayed home)

whiskeyThe past 24 hours or so have been… bizarre. See, Sunday, we had a ton of snow in the Denver area. Nothing like the blizzard of ’03 or the Blizzmageddon of ’07, but there was a good foot on the ground by us and almost 30 inches in some parts of the front range. And, as you might imagine, it messed around a bit with things like air travel.

Matt’s mom, who was scheduled to fly out on Monday had her travel plans go off without a hitch. She had a good time to fly out, a late-morning flight on the nicest day so far this week. Matt’s cousin’s wife on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. She and her brother had been in town for a Masonic ceremony celebrating her father’s achievements and their evening flight on Sunday was cancelled. After much back and forth, they finally were able to book tickets back to Nashville on Tuesday morning. But they were rapidly accruing rental car and hotel bills they hadn’t anticipated, so they reached out to us and we were more than happy to get to see our cousin-in-law and meet her brother.

So Monday we worked a relatively normal day and went home and did the mad-dash to swim lessons. As soon as they were over we went back to our ‘hood and met up with CIL and CBIL for dinner and then headed back to our house. They met the hedgies, we put the kids to bed and we settled in to visit. Much whiskey may or may not have been consumed by the gentlemen folk. We had a wonderful time – they are awesome, funny, interesting people – and I was up WAY past my bedtime.

Shortly after I fell exhausted into bed, a little girl came into our room complaining of earache. She was crying it hurt so bad. So we gave her Motrin and sent her back to bed. She was still in pain though and kept coming back to our room. We finally just let her sleep with us and so I was sandwiched and hot and uncomfortable and whatever. I didn’t really sleep past 3 AM and around 4 AM, I reached over, grabbed my phone and scheduled an appointment on our HMO’s website for Tabby at 10AM and sent emails to work letting them know my plans for the day. I got up with my first alarm (the one I hit snooze on about 3 times) at 4:20. I got dressed, did a little housework and headed to bootcamp. After bootcamp, I came home, screamed “WAKE UP BUTTERCUP!” in my hung-over hubby’s ear (that may not have happened – I’m actually a pretty nice person), and we got the kids fed and Ben off to school.

Since our house cleaners had arrived to scrape 2 weeks worth of foot gunk off our floors, we ran a couple of errands and then it was off to our doc’s for me and Tabby. Her sweet pediatrician determined she was borderline on the ear infection. She could clearly see why it hurt, but it didn’t look bad enough for antibiotics. Since we’re heading out of town this weekend, we took a “just in case” script that we can have filled if things go awry and set off for work. Tabby played nicely in my office while I conducted a meeting and then we grabbed lunch, headed home and NAPPED FOR THREE HOURS. YES!

Normal is just a setting on the washing machine.

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  1. Ani says:

    Love it “Normal is just a setting on the washing machine”. Now that is a great blog heading. Glad Tabby is alright. And hope the ear infection does not return. So funny “wake up butter cup!”

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