tabby+hedgies Well I better post quickly while I can!! I have had an annoying issue with WP login that is apparently pretty common and pretty hard to diagnose and correct. I’ve tried tons of solutions only to have most of them not work long-term. Frustrating. But ultimately off topic.

Because as of Thursday, we are hedgehog owners! They are officially Tabby’s and officially her birthday present a bit early. We adopted them from a local breeder and they are very cute, sweet little things.

snowballThis is Snowball. She’s 8 wks old and she’s a “pinto” variety. She is very active and more on the svelte side. She is big on wheel running and she’s got a pretty sweet temperament.

hedgie+snowballThat’s Hedgie on the right. She is more of the typical hedgehog look, and I believe she’s a “chocolate chip” variety. She’s only 6 weeks but a bit larger. When we got her she was in the process of “quilling” which is sort of analogous to teething. The loose and regrow their quills on a monthly basis throughout their first year as their bodies grow and it makes them a bit on the grumpy side, so we haven’t gotten to see her true personality just yet. So far she seems a bit more sedate, but that might be the quilling too.

It’s been interesting having them in our house. We didn’t keep them warm enough at first (despite our best efforts!) and they started to go into hibernation which is dangerous in hedge hogs. We got them warmed back up with the help of a heat lamp and they are doing much better now.

They are currently housed in a plastic tub (this is pretty typical for hedgies) but Matt is building them a more permanent (and aesthetically pleasing) home. I will be really glad when it’s done because Loki is a little toooo interested in them and we’ve had to be very very diligent about keeping him away from them.

For her part, Tabby is overjoyed. She has been so excited to bring these guys home and she is loving on them every chance she gets! Now if only she’d taken my naming advice. I wanted them to be Hedgie and Wedgie.


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  1. Ani says:

    They are adorable! I am glad Tabby is happy.

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