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Last week just about kicked my butt. Work. Kids. Work. Outside-of-work commitments. I could barely drag myself to bed within a few hours of bedtime, let alone write anything coherent.

Thursday night we had the parent info night for Kindergarten (!!) for Tabby. I’m still reeling from the fact that my baby’s headed to Kinder. But I was hugely impressed by our local elementary and I can say with confidence that whichever teacher she gets (2 of the 3 teach all-day Kinder) we’re very lucky. They are both great and exude enthusiasm for Kindergarten. Their classrooms are full of happy and fun and I can totally picture her there.

Friday we had checkups for the kids. Things went just fine except for the four shots Tabby had to get. It didn’t go well. There was much screaming and I had to help the nurse hold her down. I was super glad they sent in the large male nurse. We needed the extra muscles. Her legs hurt through yesterday. There was much whining. I felt terrible for her. Thank goodness for Tylenol.

Saturday we went to the Yves St Laurent exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. Well Tabby and I went. Matt bravely took Ben to see Chipwrecked and reports that it will soon be an approved method for torture. I’m not much into fashion, per se, but I really enjoyed the YSL exhibit and so did Tabby. She was GLUED to the audio program throughout and had such opinions and observations on the whole deal. The exhibit is only in Paris, Madrid and DENVER. There’s a whole story behind how it wound up in Denver (basically, we asked and agreed to do whatever they wanted). It was a great day and I loved hanging with my little (big) girl.

I am still plugging away at this month’s cookbook. We made Indian Spiced Chicken Burgers and Pan Fried Shrimp with Green Curry Cashew Sauce, except it was Green Curry Peanut Sauce because I can’t have cashews unless I want to spend the night at the ER in anaphylactic shock. The chicken burgers were great in theory and smelled good, but ultimately kinda tasteless. The kids ate them however because they had yogurt all over them. So at least that worked.

The shrimp sauce was really good and Ben had an awesome time making it, but the whole thing just didn’t come together. I blame it on the shrimp. We have a real hard time for some reason getting good fresh shrimp here. I don’t remember having issues years back, but maybe I didn’t know any better? Not sure. At any rate, it just didn’t work out.

But tonight we made the awesome Jerk Chicken and I think our bad streak of recipes is over.

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  1. Ani says:

    Glad the rough week and the recipes are behind you. Seems like almost just almost the shots are worse for the parents than kids. That picture of Ben is great.

  2. Rough weeks can really take it out of you, hope this one is better! And while those recipes might not have been optimal, the pictures sure are pretty 🙂

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