Spray Painted Folding Chairs

One of the best things about Pinterest are the really great, yet really SIMPLE ideas that you see there. This is one such idea: to paint your ugly folding chairs in pretty colors with spray paint … DUH! I saw this pin sometime last fall and sometime thereafter, executed it on a couple of the army of ugly beige folding chairs we’ve had since college. I am not going to post directions because umm… you spray paint folding chairs. Obviously, you should do it outside or in a well ventilated area and you should put something down on your surface to protect it. Oh, also, we got a cool gadget that you put on top of the can of spray paint and it makes it a lot easier to spray because you squeeze it with your hand instead of pushing the little thing on the top.

This would be a great project to use up some spray paint that you used just a bit of for another project. It takes quite a bit of paint, but not quite a whole can.

The chairs, even after some months of use, still look great. Both kids have their own chair and now they are not ruining our upholstered chairs! I still want to do a couple other colors and probably will soon now that the weather’s warmer.

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  1. Ani says:

    Super idea.

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