Getting Drunk with Bob Ross

Last Saturday, after our 8 mile run, after a trip to IKEA and lunch with my sweet family and even some nap time, I got to have girls night out. A few months back two friends and myself bought Groupons for a local painting studio, the variety where you get to drink wine and slap around paint on a canvas. Last Saturday was our prescribed evening and another friend decided to come along too sort of last minute.

We got going kind of slowly and ditched our initial dinner plans and ended up at Foolish Craigs, one of Boulder’s sort of hippie cafes. It’s excellent and we had a nice, if slightly rushed meal. Then we went a couple blocks up to Posh and signed in for our painting session. Our Groupons included one glass of house wine each which we converted handily into a whole bottle of group wine and we sat down to paint a pretty moonlit tree. This is one of my favorite activities … it’s super relaxing because it’s just you and tons of like-minded people and some paint and music. The results are always at very least interesting … 30-40 people painting the same thing and they’re like snowflakes, no two alike.

In the photo above, the left-most one is mine, the next is my friend Holly’s that had a sort of starry starry night thing going, next is Jenny’s – I think her hills of trees turned out particularly well – and then last is Nan’s who is a trained artist. Up close you would definitely notice the comparably good technique in hers as compared to ours, but they all are pretty and fun to hang in your house. More importantly of course, we got to hang out and relax and enjoy a nice evening.

I would love to do this with Matty sometime for date night.

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  1. Now that is my kind of activity. It sounds so fun! And you get pretty hand-made artwork to hang on your wall, too!

  2. Ani says:

    They are all so beautiful! I wonder if I can find something like this somewhere by me?

  3. Kjersten says:

    How FUN!! My sister in law just did this (except her class included dinner), what a perfect way to spend a night out!! Must try to find a place that does this in my area!

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