Chasing Waterfalls

I seriously love photography. When I believed my camera to be dead, I was adamant that I would have a DSLR back in my hands within one day, dip-into-savings be damned (and I don’t take $$ out of savings without a fight). I think my favorite thing about it, besides the obvious memory-making aspect is the fact that it’s a continuous learning process.

I had my DSLR for years before I really dug into how to use it. Most of the time the sheer speed of the DSLR was more than enough for me to use it and Matt has a pretty good background in the technical aspects of photography so whenever I wanted to achieve a certain effect, he was my cheat sheet. He’d tell me to do this or that and I’d do it and generally it would work, but I didn’t really know why.

That was fine for a long time since I was busy raising the kids and just wanted to take some photos already!! But I did finally get a wonderful little book that somehow made all the stuff I sort of knew, in theory anyhow, really crystallize. It’s got a bit too much on shooting with film, something I have no time for or interest in, but otherwise it’s a great book. I have not switched over to shooting fully in Manual mode … my main subjects are the kids and I’m not good with speed in manual mode, but at least I know now when I need to and I’m comfortable enough to switch over and set things as I need to get what I want. Like awesome blurred waterfalls.

There are only about 100000 more things I want to learn and hopefully will over time.

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  1. Ani says:

    I like how the water kind of looks like smoke.

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