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Man it has been a LONG week. Way long. I started bootcamp this week. This is the third time I’ve done bootcamp and the second time for THIS bootcamp. The last bootcamp was a bit of a joke. It’s was more of a flip-flopcamp than a bootcamp, but this is the real deal. It is hard. Like the work we did on Monday is still making my quads hurt hard. It is expensive too, but very good and very worth it. I’m really happy to be doing it, but it’s taking me some time to get used to. Right now all I want to do is go home and pass out every night. But the family just won’t go for that (although Matt’s been awesome, putting the kids to bed so I can get some early zzzzs).

Anyhow, I am not big on chit chat today, so here are some fun summery links:

Now I need a nap.

You can find all my newest favorite links on my shared page … they’re updated almost daily instead of once in a blue moon.


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  1. Ani says:

    Thanks for the links. Hope the soreness goes away soon and you get to nap.

  2. Kjersten says:

    Making things out of PVC Pipe??? Dream come true!! Can’t wait to hit the home depot… which, I recently realized is my favorite store… I thought, hmm, this is what shoe shopping must be like for other women! Thanks for lots of great new links, can’t wait to have the time to check em all out!!

    1. jesser says:

      LOL, Kjersten. I think my favorite store is probably IKEA or maybe Hobby Lobby. Can’t relate on the shoes either. 😉

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