Summer Lovin' Links

• a PBJ ice cream cone – genius!
• amazing, original baby photography: Mila's Dreams
• great article on praising your kids properly
• cheap ways to deck the walls
• cool hinge tape
• you ain't seen helmets like these before!
• cool splashy summer fun: DIY trike/bike wash
• awesome magnetic animal photo holders for you to make
• LOL! poor comic sans!
• great baby stuff on Etsy
• eat what the boob tube shills at your own peril!
a fan will keep the mosquitoes away
• gui app inventor for Android (I seriously did a nerdy little jig when I saw this)
art projects for campouts
• charming petite francais b'day party
• cool merry-go-round for your kids' books
tattoo your child for safety … incidentally, I just saw cool bracelets made with alphabet beads to have mom's phone number in them
• spend a summer afternoon making some mud people
• incredible hand-painted tiffins
Woot sticks it to the AP … way to go
great photos with a point-and-shoot
• other uses for your dishwasher
• fab Dr. Seuss b'day party