Last night my darling hubby installed his latest project on our treadmill. At my request, he built me a laptop holder for our treadmill, based on some instructions from somewhere on the web (don’t remember where now and we didn’t really follow them anyhow,so I won’t bother to find them). It’s made of PVC pipe (3/4″, I believe) and tied on with bungee cords. Certainly not the most elegant or beautiful solution, but it’s secure, it came together quickly and it was CHEAP! Sucker probably cost less than $10.

So now you’re probably envisioning me playing Sims while jogging along at a good clip. WRONG! I plan to use this for a couple of things: 1. To watch stuff on the web while I run (TV shows, etc. from Hulu or whatever) or 2. To do light web browsing (google reader, Facebook) while I walk slooowly. I tried it out a bit last night and it will take some practice. I also think I might want a little arm extension on the right for a mouse platform … I am terrible with the trackpad.

Now we just need to do something about the name. Treadputer doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Lapmill? Treadtop? Walkstation?

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  1. statia says:

    I like lapmill.

    Also? That is like the ultimate in addiction and geekery, right there. I'm slightly (read: wildly) jealous.

  2. Ani says:

    What a neat idea.

  3. That is a seriously neat idea. I like treadtop for a name, but then that kinda sounds like a shoe.

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