Links for No One

Feels like I'm playing to an empty room this week! I guess everyone's out enjoying the beautiful summer. Me? I'm chained to the computer as usual (though I did get in a lovely early morning run on Monday) but I've found some great links to share! There are so many, I just picked some of my most favorite, but the full compliment, as always, is here. Enjoy!

• Great Father's Day Gift Ideas, maybe for next year
• A guide to printing fabric on your own computer
• Hilarious Napoleon Dynamite Job Interview T'shirt (say what??)
• Make use of the space in your walls to store shoes
• Plant a garden in your gutter?? Am I the only one who sees potential issues with this??
The Smurfs are invading NYC!
• Love these chalkboard picture frames!
• Say bye-bye to cable?
• Hollywood sets handmade in miniature
• a fun project and good advice for twenty-somethings
• take a look inside the homes of folks all over the world
• the Chinese are apparently renting white guys … sounds like a job I'd excel at (if I were male)
• DIY cupcake wrappers
• cool outdoor table from a couple of IKEA pieces
• fun design board web app that includes stuff from Crate and Barrel IKEA, West Elm, etc.
• Ollie North, eat your heart out: a paper shredding coffee table
• love this raffia painting trick as shown on this lamp
the food in jars craze marches on – this time: picnic foods!
a good reminder for all of us
more great treehouses/playhouses … I want that first one for my office!! (this one would be OK too! or this one)
• very enjoyable appearance by Mark FrauenFelder, Maker icon, on The Colbert Report
• something about this apricot thyme galette looks unbelievably summery and tasty!
Disney kismet
• I never would have thought of this: massive packing-tape spiderweb
• love to see the Stormtroopers in action
take a hike on the best hiking trails in America
• just a little over a week 'til the fourth of july – maybe I still have time to make this garland … nah … probably not

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  1. I'm here! But I think you're right, it has been a lot quieter than usual around the internet recently.

    There's a Smurfs movie?! WHY?

  2. Ani says:

    Love the Napolean one and DIY cupcake wrappers.

    Nuts thought I had been commenting. I am sorry.

  3. kjersten says:

    I'm here!! The built-in shoe shelves = GENIUS!!!

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