Halloweeny Links

• Halloween on a Saturday kinda rocks … think I must make Vampire Pancakes!!
• there are a couple cute ideas (raining cats and dogs) in this round up of no-sew kids' costumes
• I usually make Halloween Supper, but I've been thinking about switching it up this year and this menu looks pretty good!
• some advice on photographing Halloween costumes
• some fun Geek Costumes
• some very nice Halloween wall paper to spruce up your computer
• there are quite a few great Halloween shirts available on shirt.woot … with expedited shipping they might even make it in time for the big day

… and links completely unrelated to Halloween

• I think Yvett definitely needs this Hello Kitty House!
• gotta love these Rosie the Riveter Bookends!
• I really dig this pretty printable chore chart
• I have no idea how to describe this, so you better just look at it!
• some simple ways to improve your photography – no new equipment needed

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One Comment

  1. Posted November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Permalink

    Oooh must make those pancakes.

    Thank you also for the photography tip! I seriously need a better camera(even with the new one) but that helps in the meantime.

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