Gah! Can't believe how bad I've been with blogging lately. We got back from Nashville LATE on Tuesday. We had a nice trip, but it ended with a LOOONG trip home. Thanks to some thunderstorms that decided to camp out over DIA, we got to circle around SE Colorado for a while and then divert to Colorado Springs for a while to refuel and then sit on the tarmac for a while and cool our heels. The kids both had minor meltdown moments, but rallied nicely and we were sooo proud of them both. We all had big smiles when we finally got to Denver.

The trip was fun, but very exhausting. Traveling with a newborn always is, but throw in a two-year-old and WOW. I have not felt exhaustion like that in a long time, and I don't get a lot of sleep. Hehe. The gear management alone was overwhelming. I have no idea what we would have done without Matt's brother, Andrew, who traveled with us, helped us schlep gear, entertain the kids and provided extra hands. Still, 10 minutes to get through security (the actual screening bit), and that's not an exaggeration. The other exhausting bit was the Nashville heat. We apparently hit a heatwave and had temps nearing 100 plus all the humidity. Holy sweat! But it was a great visit. Matt and I enjoyed spending time with the family and our friends from Vandy. We also got to visit the Artisan Festival where I got a great necklace from Bijou Graphique (won't be my last piece from them, I have a feeling!) and Tabby came home with a tie dye dress and a cute doggy clock (which she picked out).

Tabby undoubtedly enjoyed her Nashville family, but in her two-year-old mind, the highlights of the trip were our visit to the aquarium and swimming in her grandparents' pool. That's all she'll tell you about if you ask … and the airplane. She was a big fan.

I was pretty lousy about photos … but I got some pretty good ones at the aquarium and a couple others here and there. I think we were all just too busy enjoying ourselves and trying to stay cool to be worried about the camera too much.

We hit the ground running once we got home … and I have lots to tell, but that is for another day!!

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  1. wow… i would never be that crazy/brave to travel like that lol…

  2. Ani says:

    So glad you had a lovely trip!

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