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  • Camping Catch-Up

    Life has been moving along. I’ve really been intending to do lots of things … but I find between work (where I’ve been playing catch-up) and lots of other things, my energy is pretty drained by the end of the day. I’ve been doing good to get dinner on the table and keep up with […]

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  • Camping at Sylvan Lake

    This past weekend we went camping at Sylvan Lake State Park, just outside Eagle, CO. It’s a beautiful Colorado State Park near a crystal clear mountain lake. Gorgeous. We spent lots of time out on the lake, canoeing around and “fishing.” The rangers at the park put on some good programs too and we went […]

  • Benjamin
  • Down but Not Out

    I’ve had nice little emails and texts from people who have been missing the blog – family from far away who only get to see us regularly through this medium and friends from afar who enjoy catching up on my life as I do theirs (even though I haven’t had time lately). I’ve been missing […]

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  • Camping at Maroon Bells

    We had the good fortune of booking the only two camper sites in the Silver Bells campground near the Maroon Bells outside Aspen. Aside from the nearly 4 hour drive, there is nothing but good to say about this spot. The campground is beautiful. Check out the views. The bells, super famous and very beautiful […]

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  • Camping en Masse

    This weekend we headed back to Leadville for another group camping trip. This time we had invited over double the group from last year and so we were bummed when the reports out of Leadville were rather … chilly. No water. Lake is frozen. Some folks backed out (reasonably so) and as we climbed the […]

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  • Adieu to Camping

    After a crazy week, we set off on Thursday night for our final round of camping for the season – at Mueller State Park. Of course we got going late, but luckily the camping spot was only a couple of hours away and even with some stops, we made pretty good time. We couldn’t tell […]

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  • Camping in RMNP

    We spent last weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park, home of breathtaking views of the Rockies and some truly amazing trails and wildlife. And for a few days … our campers. We stayed at Aspen Glen Campground. I swear to you, Matt has some sort of genius for picking great campgrounds. This one compared to […]