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  • A Weekend in the Shop

    This guy had a birthday last week. It was a pretty fun affair if fairly low key. He got new sheets and a new backpacking chair (which hasn’t actually arrived yet) and he got to hang out with these weirdos and drink homemade lemon cream soda (delish). But my other gift to him was taking […]

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  • Home Things

    We’ve been on quite a roll with getting some little projects around the house done. It’s a nice side effect of the aforementioned actually BEING at home more often. I love seeing the results of these little projects. The first photo is the fruits of these labors … the kids putting together a storage cart […]

  • Dream House
  • Kitchen/Dining/Mudroom Update

    It occurred to me last night while typing up my post on our pallet flag that really, quite a bit has happened in the kitchen/dining/mudroom area over the past two months that I should share. I am really loving how this space is coming together. I feel like I’ve achieved the look we were going […]

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  • A State of Chaos

    So moving is a lot of work. Way more than I remembered from the last time we did it almost 10 years ago. I am pretty sure we have more stuff. I’m also pretty sure we’re secret hoarders. I mean … look at this: … crap everywhere! And that’s not nearly the worst of it. […]

  • Dream House
  • We’re In!

    Well after much moving and shaking yesterday, we are in the new house! There’s a lot of this going on … basically blank rooms with just a couple of random pieces of temporary furniture in them. This is the master bedroom. We borrowed our friends’ Aerobed and the ladder and chair are hanging around because […]

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  • Stylebook: The Backyard!

    When we first came to check out the models, never intending to move, one of the things that sucked me in was the outdoor space. Here in Colorado, we are blessed with the most awesome weather. That probably sounds crazy to an outsider who thinks of CO only in terms of snow and skiing, but while […]