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  • Reflections on 2017

    What am I most proud of? I am really proud of some of my professional successes this year. I have earned a great promotion and received a major certification in my field. I am also really proud of some of the mental hurdles I’ve jumped regarding friends. I’m in a good place. What do I […]

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  • Friday Faves April 26, 2013

    Man, I barely thought about the blog this week. The new job is kicking my bum just a bit. Very very busy. But good. And I feel like I’m getting it and it will be easier soonish. I hope. Anyhow, I did see a few new cool things this week: Favorite Sweet Thang: Look at […]

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  • Friday Favorites

    Favorite buy: take a look at these cute headbands I bought for Tabby from this great Etsy shop. Can’t wait ’til they arrive! Favorite Crazy Item: Check out this utterly bizarre wine dispenser. I love wine, but err … probably not that much! Favorite Sweet Thang: Sriracha caramel corn! Salty, sweet and SPICY. MMMM Favorite […]

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  • Camping!

    I won’t lie. I’m a bit stressed at the moment. Things in our house keep breaking, including our A/C and I’m supposed to be hosting Bunco on Thursday. But I won’t think about that right now … I will think about our first camping trip and how well it went. We went to the lovely […]

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    Man it has been a LONG week. Way long. I started bootcamp this week. This is the third time I’ve done bootcamp and the second time for THIS bootcamp. The last bootcamp was a bit of a joke. It’s was more of a flip-flopcamp than a bootcamp, but this is the real deal. It is […]

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  • Teeny Tiny FOOD

    I was introduced yesterday to the concept of ReMent. Are you in the know? ReMent refers to tiny, quite detailed miniatures made by the Japanese company, Re-Ment Ltd. and now others. They started out with food and indeed, most of the offerings still are food or related to food but it’s expanded somewhat. I also […]

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    So it’s been a pretty good week. We’re always crazy-busy but we’ve been accomplishing things. I’ve gotten in all of my planned workouts. I’ve cooked dinner EVERY NIGHT (I’m taking tonight off since Matt is out of town and I have to accomplish swim lessons and getting kids to my parents’ house) and with one […]

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  • Summer Lovin' Links

    • a PBJ ice cream cone – genius! • amazing, original baby photography: Mila's Dreams • great article on praising your kids properly • cheap ways to deck the walls • cool hinge tape • you ain't seen helmets like these before! • cool splashy summer fun: DIY trike/bike wash • awesome magnetic animal photo […]