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  • Ben Turns 6


    Our little guy turned 6 a week ago. All parents know the feeling of watching their big, capable kids and barely being able to connect them to the snuggly little babies they were once upon a time. It’s amazing and humbling to watch him grow from the Very Hungry Caterpillar who couldn’t get enough milk […]

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  • Cholula Chihuly X2


    It was truly a great weekend – fall’s last hurrah! We had many wonderful adventures – riding our bikes to the movie theatre to see Big Hero 6, cooking up some delicious food in the kitchen, cleaning out some messy corners and, in my case, heading to Denver’s Botanic Garden not just once but twice […]

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  • The Haps … September 2014

    2014-08-23 19.45.39

    Well lots has been going on, but not in the orderly, organized way that lends itself to blogging and photo taking (although I’ve done quite a bit of that). We’ve been settling into the school routine. It is pretty different from when we had one kid in “real” school, I’ll say that. It’s probably not […]

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  • The Haaaaps

    2014-06-23 18.30.30-1

    The house is coming along nicely! We have been making “diligent and expedited” progress as we say in the proposal writing biz. We felt like we really turned the corner on the main level a couple of nights ago when we got all the window coverings hung (Matt) and the office unpacked (me). Since then […]

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  • Our Graduate


    So we raced home from camping to attend this cutie’s pre-k graduation ceremony. The more practical side of me balks at the goofiness of all this – he hasn’t even started “real” school yet. But he’s had a great couple of years at this school (he won’t actually leave until the end of summer) and […]

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  • Playing Catch-Up

    The kids were feeling a little Grinchy.

    Well things are rolling along sometimes fairly normally. The kids are doing great, growing and learning by leaps and bounds. We register Ben for kindergarten next month. I can hardly believe it. Tabby has been having fun with spirit week at her school (see green hair above) and even Ben got in on the action. […]

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  • Halloween


    Halloween was fun. I got up in the weeee smalls and went into work early (partially because I couldn’t sleep and partially because I had a ton to do). The beginning of the week was manic, but it ended well because I took off by 11:30 on Thursday and took ALL OF FRIDAY off. YAY. […]