Martha + Jennifer = Turkey

Okay, so I'm flipping through channels today while I was working out and suddenly, Jennifer Garner (star of Alias for those of you who live in an igloo) is on my screen. It's a Tuesday and only 11 AM, so I'm (understandably) a bit confused. Then Martha shows up. Yep, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Garner. I was a bit weirded out. I watch Martha Stewart occasionally, but she gets irritating with all her dern flowers, so I can't stand too much of her, but this was actually a pretty good episode. She and Jennifer were making a very tasty-looking turkey. JG is apparently a very good cook. She also named her dog (an adorable yellow lab) Martha Stewart. Hehe. I think it's supposed to be a compliment.

I might have to make that turkey. It looked damn good.