• Benjamin
  • Ben on Skis

    This weekend we endangered all the guests on Vail Mountain’s Bunny slope by taking Ben up for his first go. Just kidding … our little danger “baby” did very well and had loads of fun. He has been trying to get on skis since last year, hopping on Tabby’s whether she was currently using them […]

  • Misc
  • Zoolights

    Well it just wouldn’t be the holiday season without a trip to the Denver Zoo for Zoolights. They deck out the whole zoo with amazing Christmas lights, play beautiful music, and have some fun exhibits for the kids … animals, ice carvers, fire dancers and SANTA. The last two years we’ve taken advantage of the […]

  • Desserts
  • Smores Cookies

    Since Tabby was born, we’ve been going to Zoolights every year. And as is tradition, we bring a warm beverage in our thermoses (pretty much the only time we use them) and a treat to go with them. This time, inspired by a pin on one of my boards, we made these s’more “cookies” they […]

  • Life
  • So Grateful

    Tomorrow I will be busy. I will be doing my normal Wednesday thing and then be busy all evening hanging with my family and cooking food for the big day. I will be encouraging Tabby to help and trying to keep Ben out of mischief. I will be counting eggs to make sure there are […]

  • Benjamin
  • A Tale of Two Weekends

    After a totally crazy Friday, Matt and Tabby left for their very first daddy-daughter weekend. They flew to Nashville to meet our new niece and cousin, Baby Autumn. They had a great weekend, filled with baby snuggles, fun outings, and plenty of attention for Miss Tabby. It also made us realize that there will be […]