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  • Tiffin

    I somehow found this article yesterday while I was mindlessly surfing a few minutes away. It's an interesting story about India's tiffin-wallahs in Bombay who transport some 160,000 hot lunches (tiffins) from family homes to the offices and schools of hungry husbands and children and then perform the same in reverse with the empty lunchboxes. […]

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  • Birthin' Babies

    We went to our first childbirth class last night and despite promises from the books and friends, there was no “miracle of life” footage in the film we were shown. Shucks. Anyhoo … the class has 10 couples in it and apparently, we are a bit behind because we're the earliest due date by quite […]

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  • Rarebit Risotto

    For dinner last night, we broke out the new cookbook Kelly gave me for Christmas, Moosewood Restaurant's Simple Suppers. I'm a long-time fan of Moosewood Restaurant's cookbooks … they're the ones who taught me how to make streudel and I think they can convince just about anyone that veggies are delicious. We tried out their […]

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  • Rarebit Risotto

    from: 164 Ingredients1 qt veggie broth 1 T olive oil 1.5 C arborio rice 12 oz beer (1.5 cups) 3 C chopped broccoli 1 T Dijon mustard 4 C loosely packed grated sharp cheddar 2 C chopped tomatoes or halved cherry tomatoes sprinkling of black pepper DirectionsIn a saucepan, bring the broth to a boil […]

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  • TGIF

    Man am I glad it's Friday!! Matt got back into town last night after a 5-day trip to Cali for work. We picked up Thai food on the way home and had a nice quiet evening. This weekend will hopefully be more of the same. It's a balmy 1 degree outside right now with highs […]

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  • Wanna Buy a Country?

    Matt, dear hubby of mine, is the *king* of bizarre internet stuff. I get weird links from him usually at least once a day … strange articles, silly jokes, bizarre pictures. So a couple of years ago, he sent me a link to the world's smallest country, Sealand. It's a fort 13 miles offshore from […]

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  • Wi!??!?! Oui!!!

    I think it happened last Tuesday. Or maybe it was Wednesday? I can't remember. Matt picked me up from work and we stopped by Target on our way home to pick up something for dinner. Matt has been coveting a Wii since they came out in November (prolly before), but since we didn't pre-order, we […]