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  • Friday Faves May 17, 2013

    Another busy Friday! Tabby has Field Day today, so I am spending half my day at her school, playing tag and giving out popcicles and the like. Should be fun! On to another round of Friday Faves. Favorite Daydream: check out this awesome attic movie theatre. I think what really appeals to me is the […]

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  • Friday Faves April 26, 2013

    Man, I barely thought about the blog this week. The new job is kicking my bum just a bit. Very very busy. But good. And I feel like I’m getting it and it will be easier soonish. I hope. Anyhow, I did see a few new cool things this week: Favorite Sweet Thang: Look at […]

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  • Friday Favorites

    Favorite buy: take a look at these cute headbands I bought for Tabby from this great Etsy shop. Can’t wait ’til they arrive! Favorite Crazy Item: Check out this utterly bizarre wine dispenser. I love wine, but err … probably not that much! Favorite Sweet Thang: Sriracha caramel corn! Salty, sweet and SPICY. MMMM Favorite […]

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  • Digital Scraptitude

    So long ago I used to do the paper scrapbook thing … sorta. But I’d already been doing the digital image thing for long enough that the messiness of paper scrapbooking really bugged me. I also never liked the “overhead” involved in picking up and putting down a project. Digital is just my thing. So […]

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  • Working for the Weekend

    It has been such a long week! And it’s only Wednesday! I think it’s partially because I brought my work home with me Monday and worked into the wee smalls. Our sitter is also off for the week, so we are juggling around three different sitters over four days and some craziness that goes along […]

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  • Photo Hanging Board

    First, I must say, this isn’t really my project. This is Matt’s project. Inspired by a few things, including the jewelry boards we’ve made before, but equally by this pin from a house tour on Design Mom, I asked Matt if he would make me a large board for our dining room where we could […]

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  • Lemonade Layer Cake

    Matt’s birthday always seems to get lost in the shuffle. It’s not because he’s not incredibly important to me and the kids, but because things are always going on, it seems. Graduations, Mother’s Day, etc. He also doesn’t like to make a big deal about birthdays and generally buys himself whatever he wants during the […]

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  • Spray Painted Folding Chairs

    One of the best things about Pinterest are the really great, yet really SIMPLE ideas that you see there. This is one such idea: to paint your ugly folding chairs in pretty colors with spray paint … DUH! I saw this pin sometime last fall and sometime thereafter, executed it on a couple of the […]