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  • This Crazy Life

    What’s going on, you ask? We are headed camping this weekend. We reserved last minute so all we could get was the “group” site which holds up to 75 people (and 15 vehicles). Three families are going so it’s not toooo ridiculous. I’m calling it The Jamboree. I can’t wait. But of course this makes […]

  • Beef/Pork/MEAT
  • Balsamic Marinated Flank Steak

    I’ve been pretty sluggish about May’s cookbook, which is Bobby Flay’s Boy Gets Grill. It has some tasty looking recipes in it, but it also leans more towards harder to find and more expensive ingredients, which I’m not against, of course, but it is harder to fit into my weekly cooking scheme. Flank steak, though, […]

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  • Chicken Stirfry Lettuce Wraps

    Well April is almost done and so is my fourth cookbook, Great Food Fast. I have nothing but praise for this cookbook. I loved the full-color photos of EVERY recipe. I love the organization (by season!) and I loved the food. I actually tried EIGHT recipes from this (yay, made it!) book. Asparagus and Gruyere […]

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  • Title Unknown

    Last week just about kicked my butt. Work. Kids. Work. Outside-of-work commitments. I could barely drag myself to bed within a few hours of bedtime, let alone write anything coherent. Thursday night we had the parent info night for Kindergarten (!!) for Tabby. I’m still reeling from the fact that my baby’s headed to Kinder. […]

  • Chicken/Poultry
  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    I debated even posting this recipe because we strayed so far from the original in Great Food Fast that it was really more of an inspiration than a recipe we followed. The original recipe called for making your own caesar dressing. I’m all for that, but we ended up making these for lunch and somehow […]

  • Beef/Pork/MEAT
  • Meat ‘n’ Potatoes

    Well things got kinda crazy last week with the hospital thing and all. But the week wound down nicely into another busy weekend. On Thursday our resident grill master’s new grill was delivered. And it was pretty. And he was happy. Since we had a bbq planned for Saturday, we thought we best test it […]

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  • Lemon Pudding Cakes

    I think my give-a-darn must have been broken last night when I was trying to make dinner. My parents brought the kids back to our house and I made the easiest meal ever, spaghetti, forĀ  dinner and Matt whipped up this dessert, Lemon Pudding Cakes (from Great Food Fast, in case you’re in the dark). […]

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  • Bye Bye March

    Holy cow guys. March is OVER. That means my kid is officially a full month closer to being SIX and my little guy is just a few weeks away from being 3. And the sun is setting on another cookbook. I really enjoyed Moosewood’s Simple Suppers. I completed seven recipes and reported on five: Banana […]