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  • Wilderness Guys


    And so while Tabby and I were hiking around Vail and the Holy Cross Wilderness, Matt and Ben were doing their own thing. They were on their annual boy’s backpacking trip, having a grand ol’ time. The highlight of their trip was getting to hike their first 13’er, Mt. Parnassus, a cool 13,574 ft. above […]

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  • Angel of Shavano


    Ahh Angel of Shavano. This wass our third year camping at this fine spot. It was the second weekend in July (this month was CRAZY, y’all) and we went up for a long weekend (Th-Sun). It’s a great group spot. We have a ton of space and even our own restrooms! Friday we did a […]

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  • We Found Lost Lake

    2016-06-30 18.59.29 HDR

    We took Friday off to do our second backpacking trip of the season. Since it was mostly overcast and rainy and I only had my iPhone, my photos are not up to snuff – many of them grainy and blurry. But you work with what you’ve got. We went to Lost Lake, a 1.7 mile […]

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  • Backpacking Trip Numero Uno

    2016-06-18 17.01.52

    I love the outdoors, but I have always had a rocky relationship with camping and backpacking. It comes from my intense dislike of two things: 1) not sleeping well and 2) lack of shower. I have largely gotten over #2, but #1 was still plaguing me. But last fall, two of my best girlfriends convinced […]

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  • We’re on Lake Time


    We got out of town Thursday night and headed Jackson Lake. It’s a nice state park about 90 minutes from our house. It’s also in theĀ opposite way from most of the traffic, so it really is 90 minutes. Though much of it lacks shade, we got a great loop to setup on and had decent […]

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  • 2015 in Review


    2015 was in many ways an excellent year for me and mine. The second full year following Mom’s death had it’s own pitfalls and moments of sorrow, but it went on and was definitely more happy than sad. Family We soaked up lots of family time, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, cooking, walking, reading, playing and […]

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  • Camping at Dillon


    We headed out last weekend for what we think is probably our last camping trip of the year (maybe one more? we’ll see!). Right up until that morning, we didn’t know if we were going because the weather looked grim. We had a family back out and others were talking about it. Plus two families […]

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  • South Dakota Here We Come


    Well I had no idea that when we tentatively planned a trip to South Dakota for 4th of July weekend that my kids would be SO into it. We didn’t know when we’d be closing on the house, so we booked a cheap campsite with the intention of backing out (and only incurring a $20 […]

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  • Camping at Leadville Salida


    We had a call a few weeks ago – our third annual group camping trip to Turquoise Lake near Leadville was off! The campground couldn’t be open thanks to some crazy late season snow storms we’d had. Boo! My co-conspirator and I scrambled to come up with an alternative, but group campsites that allow trailers […]

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  • Back to the Dunes


    We spent the weekend at what is undoubtedly my favorite places in Colorado – The Great Sand Dunes. I never get over how cool it is to find a GIANT pile of sand in the middle of the Rockies, brought together by a perfect storm of mountain placement and winds. And I think I love […]