• Life
  • Visits From Nashville

    We’ve had visitors from Nashville twice this month! First our friend Patrick and his adorable son Tyler came out to ski with us the first week of the year. We’ve been doing this for about as long as anyone can remember – before we lived in CO full time and certainly before any of us […]

  • Benjamin
  • 2015 in Review

    2015 was in many ways an excellent year for me and mine. The second full year following Mom’s death had it’s own pitfalls and moments of sorrow, but it went on and was definitely more happy than sad. Family We soaked up lots of family time, skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking, cooking, walking, reading, playing and […]

  • Travel
  • Giving Thanks

    In a very round-about, long-story kinda way, we ended up going to Arizona for Thanksgiving. It is very rare for us to travel on Thanksgiving and honestly, it wasn’t numero uno on my to-do-list. I’ve been working like a rented mule and driving 10 hours twice over 4 days (as opposed to lying around in […]

  • Camping
  • Camping at Dillon

    We headed out last weekend for what we think is probably our last camping trip of the year (maybe one more? we’ll see!). Right up until that morning, we didn’t know if we were going because the weather looked grim. We had a family back out and others were talking about it. Plus two families […]

  • Photography
  • Weekend in Vail

    We went to Vail for Labor Day Weekend. Owing to moving and camping and LIFE, we had not been there since ski season, and since I actually like it better in the summer, I was happy when my sister proposed we go. After a long fight with traffic, we got there and crashed. The next […]

  • Camping
  • South Dakota Here We Come

    Well I had no idea that when we tentatively planned a trip to South Dakota for 4th of July weekend that my kids would be SO into it. We didn’t know when we’d be closing on the house, so we booked a cheap campsite with the intention of backing out (and only incurring a $20 […]

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  • Scenes from the Beach

    It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since we got back from our Florida/New Olreans vacation. Fo sho. But that’s not entirely why I haven’t written about it. A tragedy occurred while we were in Florida with our Nashville family – Matt’s Dad, stepmom, sister, niece and brother. My sister-in-law’s ex-husband and father of their […]

  • Camping
  • Camping at Leadville Salida

    We had a call a few weeks ago – our third annual group camping trip to Turquoise Lake near Leadville was off! The campground couldn’t be open thanks to some crazy late season snow storms we’d had. Boo! My co-conspirator and I scrambled to come up with an alternative, but group campsites that allow trailers […]

  • Camping
  • Back to the Dunes

    We spent the weekend at what is undoubtedly my favorite places in Colorado – The Great Sand Dunes. I never get over how cool it is to find a GIANT pile of sand in the middle of the Rockies, brought together by a perfect storm of mountain placement and winds. And I think I love […]

  • Dream House
  • Weekend, Moving, Etc.

    We took the opportunity spring break presented to take a nice little trip to Vail with some family friends. We had 3 families of four plus my cousin who came along to provide child-minding services and my sister who came along because she’s a bit crazy. We went up late on Thursday and skied Friday […]