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  • We Found Lost Lake

    2016-06-30 18.59.29 HDR

    We took Friday off to do our second backpacking trip of the season. Since it was mostly overcast and rainy and I only had my iPhone, my photos are not up to snuff – many of them grainy and blurry. But you work with what you’ve got. We went to Lost Lake, a 1.7 mile […]

  • Benjamin
  • Weekend Riding

    2016-06-26 10.01_HDR

    We did lots of fun things this weekend: went to REI, had a block party, played Bunco (me) and Catan (Matt), went to a pizza party at a friend’s house, had friends over for dinner, etc. etc. but probably the most memorable thing we did was a bike ride. Because this wasn’t just any bike […]

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  • Backpacking Trip Numero Uno

    2016-06-18 17.01.52

    I love the outdoors, but I have always had a rocky relationship with camping and backpacking. It comes from my intense dislike of two things: 1) not sleeping well and 2) lack of shower. I have largely gotten over #2, but #1 was still plaguing me. But last fall, two of my best girlfriends convinced […]

  • Benjamin
  • We’re on Lake Time


    We got out of town Thursday night and headed Jackson Lake. It’s a nice state park about 90 minutes from our house. It’s also in the¬†opposite way from most of the traffic, so it really is 90 minutes. Though much of it lacks shade, we got a great loop to setup on and had decent […]

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  • Memorial Day Weekend

    2016-05-28 19.37.35

    We had a very nice Memorial Day Weekend. Matt’s mom came in from Nashville to spend a couple of days with us. So Friday night we had a bunch of friends over for burgers and brats and hot dogs and fun. The kids watched a movie outside and the adults hung out and chatted.

  • Benjamin
  • Scouts and Hiking and Denver!

    2016-05-22 10.57.09-1

    We had a wonderfully full weekend (again). We got things started off right by hosting a couple of our closest family friends (friend families?) for dinner and the planning of our EPIC road trip, scheduled for August. Matt cooked¬†jerk chicken. We drank mint juleps and wine. The guys played around in the shop, the kids […]

  • Benjamin
  • Untitled

    2015-05-25 10.06.55

    The Denver weather has been crazy the past month. We have had rain almost non-stop which is pretty unusual for our arid climate. We have all been making jokes about buying Nirvana albums and flannel. It’s great for the ground and the flowers, but has been pretty devastating for things like field day and keeping […]

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  • Weekend Fun

    2014-05-16 19.36.52

    We jam-packed this weekend – and it was great! I took off work “early” on Friday (having only put in 47 hours for the week) and picked up Tabby from school. She has been wanting to have a mommy/daughter date for a while now and that was the plan for Friday night. We went to […]

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  • Sugar Free Me


    Since I took my new job, over a year ago (wow!) I’ve been slipping into some really bad habits. I’ve been exercising less and eating more junk. Sweets every day practically, sometimes a few times a day! And soda! Almost always diet, but who cares? It’s crap. I know better. And I don’t need it. […]

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  • Back to the Dunes


    We spent the weekend at what is undoubtedly my favorite places in Colorado – The Great Sand Dunes. I never get over how cool it is to find a GIANT pile of sand in the middle of the Rockies, brought together by a perfect storm of mountain placement and winds. And I think I love […]