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  • Looking at 2014

    2013 got derailed in a couple of ways, namely my new and markedly more intense job and Mom’s death. Between these two things, I’m impressed to have just survived the year, yet, when I look back on my 2013 resolutions, I didn’t do so badly. When adjusted for the handicaps of 2013, I will consider […]

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  • Playing Catch-Up

    The kids were feeling a little Grinchy.

    Well things are rolling along sometimes fairly normally. The kids are doing great, growing and learning by leaps and bounds. We register Ben for kindergarten next month. I can hardly believe it. Tabby has been having fun with spirit week at her school (see green hair above) and even Ben got in on the action. […]

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  • Thanksgiving Weekend


    The 4 days off went by in a blink. We kicked off the season by cooking Wednesday evening. We were responsible for Cranberry Cornbread Dressing and Sweet Potato Spoon Bread. We made a huge mess of the kitchen and then cleaned it up like good elves. We had high hopes of turkey trotting like we […]

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      I think one of the best things about living in Denver is that rain always feels a little special. We just don’t get much of it. Lately it’s been 90s 90s 90s – for weeks and I know we were all sick of it. We had a little rain here and there, but it […]

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  • Friday Faves May 24, 2013

      Another busy busy week! Looking forward to the long weekend. We need it! Favorite Daydream: Check out this beautiful lagoon in Riomaggiore, Italy. The Mediterranean coast is gorgeous! I could go there! Favorite Savory Treat: cool ranch, crockpot chicken. I am game to try this! Favorite Funny: my HP nerd may be showing here, […]

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  • Friday Faves May 17, 2013


    Another busy Friday! Tabby has Field Day today, so I am spending half my day at her school, playing tag and giving out popcicles and the like. Should be fun! On to another round of Friday Faves. Favorite Daydream: check out this awesome attic movie theatre. I think what really appeals to me is the […]

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  • Friday Favorites May 10, 2013


    I am taking a half day today in order to play assistant to my awesome hubby’s mad scientist. Should be a good time! Fridays are fun.Favorite Daydream: Loooove me some treehouses. This is a very cool collection with a few I’ve never seen before. Favorite Craftiness: Look at this great light up constellation! A fun […]

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  • Happy Birthday Matty!


    My main squeeeeeze and numero uno Dad of the Year is turning 33 today. I truly appreciate him EVERY DAY, even when I’m giving him crap about not rinsing off his plate of mustard (don’t ask), but especially on this day, I want to reflect on his awesomeness. We have had a crazy month or […]

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  • Friday Favorites May 3, 2013


    Favorite Printable: Tabby has been really into wanting to learn to sew – think she might get into these cute sewing practice cards! Favorite Savory Delight: We are having quite a few people over on Tuesday and I think some pulled pork in the crockpot is the perfect dinner solution! Favorite Funny: I do love […]

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  • Friday Faves April 26, 2013


    Man, I barely thought about the blog this week. The new job is kicking my bum just a bit. Very very busy. But good. And I feel like I’m getting it and it will be easier soonish. I hope. Anyhow, I did see a few new cool things this week: Favorite Sweet Thang: Look at […]