• Furry Friends
  • A New Friend

    Tabby and Loki have definitely always shown some interest in each other, but lately, since Tabby has had improved motor control, she takes every opportunity she has to give him a pat. Some of these pats are quite gentle … she seems to be feeling his fur (she has a thing for textures), but others […]

  • Furry Friends
  • Bunny Luv

    Saturday Night, post shower, I snapped a few photos of my sis, Kelly, and one of her bunnies, Hoover, who was out of his cage for a little dog and bunny show. Hoov is a funny bunny, absolutely food-motivated and one of his faves is oranges. He absolutely digs in and when he's all finished, […]

  • Furry Friends
  • Sorta Dug Out

    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (i.e. 4-wheel drive and snow plows), it's fairly smooth going out there, seeing as we had a blizzard two days ago. Impressive! This is excellent because I still have a bit of holiday shopping to do and things will be open today. This was Matt's first real blizzard. […]

  • expecting
  • Lazy Bones

    So wanna hear weird? I'm no longer just sleeping poorly. I'm dreaming about sleeping poorly. Yea. It is a bit weird. After said dream, I woke up with some absolutely awful shoulder pain. It's pretty much gone away. Anyhoo, excellent weekend. We did next to nothing and it was wonderful. We had such a busy […]