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  • Essentialism – Kids’ Education + Extra Curriculars

    The podcast actually tackled school and extracurricular activities in two separate posts but both due to attention span issues and number of things to talk about/crossover, I’m talking about them together. What we say NO to We say no to a whole lot of extra work … both during and outside of the school year. […]

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  • Essentialism – TV

    Essentialism is a concept I’ve thought about for a long time – if not in that exact terminology then at an abstract level. It’s the concept that you have to pick what’s important to you (truly important) and say yes to that, but, perhaps more importantly, say no to other things so that you can say […]

  • Benjamin
  • Here Comes the Sun

    It’s a little hard to believe it’s been over a year since I posted. I’ve thought about doing so a few times, but not as many as I thought I would. I miss it, more because I can’t go back and see what was going on than because I miss doing it. If that makes […]

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  • Struggling.

    I’ve been a bit of a hot mess lately. The summer was kind of hard. Loss. Uncertainty. Change. These are a few of my least favorite things. My situation isn’t dire. I’m not in bed all day every day. I’m not in need of Prozac or Lithium. I’m just a bit more bummed/on edge than […]

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  • A Life Well Lived

    July has been a tough month all around. Just before we lost our darling Loki, we found out that my grandma had terminal cancer. Seeing as she celebrated her 93rd birthday in January, this was not the tragedy it might’ve been, but you’re never ready to say goodbye. She was pretty matter-of-fact about her diagnosis. […]

  • Furry Friends
  • Happy Trails

    A little over 11 years ago on a beautiful Easter morning, Matt and I made a decision that would forever alter our lives. We decided that it was time to adopt a dog named Groucho, if he was, in fact, still available. We had lost our first furry friend, May, a few months earlier. I […]

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  • Fab Dads

        I’m pretty lucky to have my amazing dad and a bunch of father-types in my life. Strong men who value women have never been in short supply and I am old enough now to fully appreciate that. #1 of course is my own dad, who has always been there for my sister and […]

  • Benjamin
  • The Purple Belt

    About a week ago, Ben finally go the OFFICIAL nod to test for his purple belt. For the uninitiated, belts and their corresponding tests come pretty quickly at first and then they get harder and harder. It’s been over a year since Ben got his orange belt. The fact that he took last summer off […]

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  • To Mom on Her 68th Birthday

    Dear Mom, Today is your 68th birthday. I’m guessing you’re getting a pretty good look at the happenings from up in heaven, but it’s just not the a same as having you here to share it with us. We miss you, darnit. I want you here so I can give you a silly gift and we […]