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    It has been a glorious fall here. No wind. Not much rain. No snow. The leaves have stayed on the trees and we’ve had nice mild weather most days and even quite warm on others. I know it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it while it does. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside while […]

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    Life has been getting in the way of my posting on here. I can’t really make any apologies for that. It’s been a fun and (as usual) crazy couple of weeks. Last week we had a particularly stressful rush to finish and  drop off a proposal on Wednesday morning. After the eagle had landed, I […]

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  • All About the Weekend

    It was a fairly relaxed weekend by our standards. The kids had their fun-run and carnival on Friday (here they are in a giant hamster ball). Ben apparently ran at warp speed and was at the front of the kindergarten pack. I had to work later than normal (for Friday) since we had an interview […]

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    It has been one crazy week! A perfect storm of proposals and the departure of my coworker on his vacation led to me putting in a ton of hours last week. I was in early every day and left late most of them. Thursday was the exception, when Tabby had her class presentation on their […]

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  • The Life o’ Jess

    I’ve seriously considered bagging the whole blog a couple of times … as  you might guess when I haven’t had time to post in two weeks. Gah. It’s not anti blog, it’s just so full of EVERYTHING ELSE. And while we’re always going to be busy, I can see a time, a couple of months […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up

    It was  good, kinda fun, “normal” weekend. I say normal to mean what most people think of as a normal weekend. Leaving town to go skiing or camping is plenty normal for us. My sister hosted Bunco Friday night. Only four (of 12!!) of us showed up. I had some righteous indignation over flakiness and […]

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    If the first 16 days of 2014 are any indication, it’s going to be a busy, exciting year. We have been working hard around our house, getting it ready to be sold. This means lots of packing, trips to Goodwill, trips to storage (i.e. our very generous friends’ basement), and trips to Home Depot! Which […]

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  • I Suck at Blogging

    We had a lovely busy weekend. 3 days off was blissful. We had lots to do but we got a lot of rest and relaxation time in. On Friday night, my sister and I took my mom out for dinner at Devil’s Food, an upscaled kind of home-cooking place. It was wonderful and I’d love […]

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  • A To Do List Kinda Weekend

    This was probably the most productive weekend we’ve had in a while. It started off with a bang – we hired my cousin and his girlfriend to work in our garden. They did an awesome job and our garden look faaaab. Friday I took a half-day so I could go to Tabby’s field day. This […]